presents the
Wednesday -- November 26th,  2008 -- 11:30 p.m.
Entry Fee $60
Four Games Across Eight Lanes
1.  One (1) out of every four (4) entries cash
2.  All ties split, except First Place
3.  42 entries maximum
4. Tournament management reserves all rights          including the right to re-rate any bowler.

Mini-Handicap per game
201 and up0 pins
195 - 200  6 pins
190 - 194  9 pins
185 - 18912 pins
180 - 18415 pins
Under 17918 pins
(Based on your highest
BOOK Average)
42 Bowlers Maximum
x $60.00 = $2,520.00

Entry Fee Breakdown
Linage  -   $10.00
Expenses      5.00
Prize $$       45.00
      Prize List
1st $550 6th  $95
2nd $300 7th  $90
3rd $170 8th  $80
4th $150 9th  $70
5th $11510th  $60
Print this form and send this portion in with payment to lock-in a spot in the tournament.  
Name:Phone #:

Address:06-07 Highest Book Avg.

City:State:Zip Code:

E-Mail Address:
Mailing Address: 1675 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ 08618
Based on 42 entries
**High Game Pots and Brackets will be available**
Thanksgiving Eve Mini-Marathon 
 Rules and Regulations
1.  ELIGIBILITY:  Entrants must be a certified member of the USBC.  Unmarried grade or high school students who have not reached age 18 must have written consent from a parent or guardian.
2.  After entries have been received and dates by the tournament director are not refused by the team or individual entrant prior to the schedule, no fees shall be refunded.
3.  In case of a tie in any event of 1st place, a one game roll off will occur.
4.  Any complaints or errors must be made within 48 hours.  The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final.
5.  Automatic scoring systems are used.  Tournament management has the discretionary right to determine if an irretrievable frame or game should be re-bowled.
6.  A complete entry fee with name and address must be forwarded with entry form.PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH MAIL.
7.  The Tournament Committee reserves all rights and any USBC rule not covered in these rules will prevail throughout this tournament.
Tournament Chairman
Chip Slocum (609) 882-0661

Slocum's Bowling Center
Special Bonus for the First Game Pot!