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Rules For The Team Challenge Showdown:
1.A) All members of entered teams must be the highest averaging bowlers in the center for which they are bowling, for the current ending season.  If one or more of the top averaging bowlers cannot bowl for the team, then the next bowler on the list becomes eligible to bowl in the Showdown, and so on, until five bowlers are fielded for the team.  All bowlers must be current USBC sanctioned members.
B) All members of entered teams must be a paying league member of the center for which they are bowling, and have bowled at least 2/3rds of the league's season, for the current ending season.

2.A) If a participant is the highest averaging bowler of a participating center, that bowler must bowl on that center's team, regardless of his average in any other participating center.  Example: Joe Bowler has averaged 220 at Slocum's for this past season and has the highest average of all of Slocum's sanctioned bowlers.  He also has Hamilton's 2nd highest average with 225.  He still must bowl for Slocum's team even though his Hamilton average is higher.  If a participant is the highest averaging bowler in more than one center, he must bowl for the center in which he averaged the highest (If Joe's 225 was Hamilton's 1st high average, then he would have to bowl on Hamilton's team, not Slocum's).
B) Bowlers who qualify for more than one team, and do not have the highest average of a participating center can bowl on the team of their choice (it is not required that they bowl for the center in which they have their highest average, but it is preferable).  Bowlers who have the highest average in more than one center, and both averages are the same, also have their choice of which team to bowl on (If Joe's Slocum and Hamilton averages were both 225 and both the highest averages, he can bowl for either team).
C) Employees of participating centers who qualify for another team, in addition to their own team, have the option of bowling for their team, regardless of their average in the other centers.  Example: Joe works for Slocum's and averages 211, making him the 5th highest qualifier for the team.  He is also the highest averaging bowler at Curtis.  Joe has the option of bowling with the Slocum's team, no matter what his average is at Curtis, or his qualifying position for that team.  However, Joe cannot bowl for the Slocum's team if his average at Slocum's does not make him a qualifier.

3.Each year, the Thunderbowl will be held in the center whose team won the previous year, but no center can host more than two consecutive tournaments. Only the host center's primary team can win the tournament back to that center for the following year. If the host center's primary team wins the tournament on the 2nd consecutive year they have the tournament, then the highest placing team's center not sponsored by the host center, will be host for the following year. All hosting centers will put out their typical house shot for the Thunderbowl to allow all bowlers to experience the different shots of the participating centers, and to see who the best team is on that shot for that year. ANY TEAM SPONSORED BY THEIR RESPECTIVE CENTER MAY WIN THE TOURNAMENT TO THAT CENTER FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR. Centers that do not sponsor their respective teams CANNOT host the tournament.

4.Every five man team will bowl a in a three game qualifying round, with each member bowling full games, followed by one game in the Baker System Format. After qualifying, the top 6 teams advance to bowl a Round Robin Baker System Quarter-Finals. Then the top 4 teams bowl a Round Robin Baker System Semi-Finals. Qualifying totals will carry over into the Quarter Final round only. Peterson Bonus Points will be used for the Quarter and Semi Final rounds. After the Semi Finals, the top 2 teams will bowl a best of three Baker System match to determine the Tournament Champion - totals do not carry over into the Final Round.

5.In years when the Showdown is held in a small center, the available spots will be given on a first come, first served basis, and each center will be limited to one team only - centers with the most participation in the tournament will have first right of refusal for a spot. Centers can send one team for every 30 lanes as long as space allows, and the bowlers are the highest averaging bowlers available to bowl for that center (i.e. centers up to 30 lanes can send one team; centers from 31-60 lanes can send two teams; centers from 61-90 lanes can send three, and so on). However, if the tournament still has openings, center can send as many teams as they desire. Remember, if they are not the host center, any of their sponsored teams can win the tournament to their center for the following year. If they are the host center, only their Primary Team can keep the tournament in the center for the following year.

6.The ThunderBowl and its inclusive events (Sweeper Shoot-Out, Team Challenge Showdown, and the Bracket and High Game Award Events) are under the direction of  Slocum's and all rights are reserved .  All USBC rules will apply.  The Tournament Management reserves all rights. The entry fee for the Showdown will break down per team as follows: $22.50 for expenses, $41.50 for linage, and $136.00 for the prize fund (returned 100%) for a total of $200 per team.  Sweeper Shoot-Out breakdown: $1.00 expenses, $5.00 linage, $14.00 Prize (returned 100%) for a total of $20.00 per entry.  If a team drops out after the deadline date, they will forfeit the entry fee. Prize ratios: at least 1 in 4 for Team Challenge; at least 1 in 6 for Sweeps.
ThunderBowl Home -- Prize Funds